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August 1, 2020
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The Covid-19 is turning out to be biggest reason for every change. Amid lockdown, remote working has become best working environment changes in our lifetime. How we work, work out, shop, learn, convey, and obviously, where we work, will be changed until the end of this time!

“Hi! Am I audible to you?”
“Can you see my screen?”

Quite familiar expressions, Aren’t they? Whole world is talking this language practically daily. You start your day and legitimately it close at 10 in the night followed by grumblings of family members. This pandemic has bought many disadvantages where biggest being the bad impact on Indian Economy, but, looking at the new work from home culture followed globally by every business set up, it has given a good hike to the efficiency of employees. Corona has been universal, it’s global issue. It was looked at as a biggest challenge by many and for some; it looked like a great opportunity. The busiest segments during Corona have been HR and IT.

HR Transformation driven by Corona

HR teams in companies have supported businesses, work processes and employees a lot. The change has now gotten normal, but, it was never easy for anyone. We all knew HR as people management department. But, this was when everybody understood the actual value of HR. HR focused on mainly two categories to make this lock-down a smooth period:

  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Crisis Management

The requirement for remote working to maintain social distancing would grow the demand for cloud based tools and automation. Keeping employees motivated is the most crucial task for human resources (HR). In these times, HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software plays the perfect role.

Role of HR post Covid-19 pandemic

Greatest lesson taught by Corona virus pandemic is that organizations should be well prepared for any such type of situations that could re-happen. HRMS Software in organizations has a key role to play both in drawing long-term and short-term plans for building effectiveness and efficiency of people and business. The companies which used to follow work from home trend prior to Covid-19 were equipped to deal with the nationwide situation. Here are 5 ways how HR will have to perform post Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Virus proof workplace:After joining back to work post COVID-19, well being and safety ought to be your greatest core responsibility. The initial step is guaranteeing that the physical work environment is OK for your employees to work in. As starter pack, hire an experienced cleaning service to deep clean the entire office. Make a checklist and get it done. Encourage good hygiene habits among employees like:
    1. Hand washing practices
    2. Wearing a reliable mask daily
    3. Not coming into work when they feel ill (Use HRMS & Cloud based solutions while working from home)
    4. Cough/sneeze etiquette (into a tissue or elbow)
    5. Keep Disinfectant wipes and/or spray
    6. Keep Hand Sanitizer
  • Scheduling employee shifts:
    When this all will be over, we all will be relieved from many restrictions. However no one can ensure if this situation might occur again. Your employees are pillars of your company. After following remote working practice for such a long time, everyone’s immune system will be vulnerable. Instead of calling more number of employees daily. Set up the alternate days or consecutive days schedule for your employee. HRMS Software will assist you with that. This way, your employees will be safe and you will be mentally satisfied. While using HRMS Software, your employees will never face any miscommunications and you will receive same amount of work while they work from their home.
  • Tracking critical medical information:
    When your employees will resume to work, it will be HR’s responsibility to keep track of their health conditions in detail. The Corona virus has been asymptotic for many people. Regular temperature check-ups and routine medical assistance should be provided to the employees along with employee medical insurance.
  • Employee’s location and commute pattern:Being a HR, you will have to support your employees in this situation. Employees who reside far can be called once a week for important sessions. Employees who can take less time in travelling should be provided a safe and hygiene transport service or reimbursements if they are travelling by their own.
  • New normal work culture:
    Work from home and following social distancing has become a new normal now. When we see any person without a mask, we feel unsafe and suddenly that person becomes a criminal in our eyes. How soon we have adopted the changes! It was difficult for companies to provide work from home facility, neither was it easy for employees. Previous life was divided into two segments: personal and professional. Now when working from home, most of the employees are expected to work all day without breaks and everything turned out to be just professional life. You don’t want to give your employees an uncomforted working environment. With implementation of HRMS Software, your life will be easier. Your employees will become accountable and responsible for their won tasks. No monitoring is required with a professional HRMS Software in India




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