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Time & Attendance Management

Tracking of attendance might be a tedious or challenging task for some organizations but if you are able to manage it, are you doing it effectively?

Time & Attendance management is the most critical factor of payroll processing and equally important for making accurate salary payments to your employees.

Cloudserv’s Time & Attendance Solution is a highly advanced & easy to use system. Our system is built on strong technology platform and is integrated with payroll module to help you manage the entire time, attendance and payroll process efficiently and seamlessly.

Cloudserv’s Time and Attendance Management module provides bunch of role based features:

Admin/HR Features:

  • View Complete attendance information of an employee
  • Finalize inputs for an attendance period by considering penalty rules
  • Create work shifts as per requirement
  • Easy integration with your existing attendance systems / biometric systems
  • Define actual work hour computation rules
  • Define and manage a set of employees who are exempted from attendance
  • Restrict certain IP addresses for web attendance marking
  • View & Download Various Attendance Reports

Employees Features:

  • Apply for attendance regularization.
  • Mark daily attendance
  • Review, track and monitor attendance regularization transactions
  • Track and monitor daily attendance
  • Native app available on iOS and Android

Manager Features:

  • Track and monitor daily attendance of team - who is in, late/early, absentees etc
  • Update Shift Roster of team members
  • View attendance information of team members
  • View Attendance Muster of team members
  • Native app available on iOS and Android